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Records Storage & Management

Exec-U-Store keeps paper files safe, secure and organized to provide you access when you need them. Same day? You got it. On-line access to records? Not a problem. We even utilize advanced bar code technology that tracks the location of boxes with pinpoint accuracy.


Letter, Legal & X-ray
Microfilm/Magnetic Media
Storage Available in Standard Containers or Open-face Shelving

Retrieval Options

Your company's records or data are delivered directly to you when you need them.

Hard Copy

Same day delivery of records - Paper or Electronic
Fax Request Anytime
24/7 365 Emergency Delivery Receive in 4-8 hours

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Phone Reference/ Copy/ Mail Service

  • Improved response time to request for information
  • Reduced handling/ delivery costs by eliminating need for file
  • Reduced employee cost spent waiting for information

Facsimile Transmission Service

  • Actual copy of document to work from
  • Improve response time on information requests
  • Reduce delivery cost to receive information

Retrieval/ Re-file Service

  • Reduce employee cost in locating files
  • Established standards for refilling and file maintenance
  • Improve response time to customers, clients etc. by having ready access to files

Computerized Indexing Service

  • Index files or x-rays by DOB, date of last visit, file number, name, and knowledge of x-rays taken
  • Be able to easily identify and access records
  • Reduce employee time in searching for files or records

Certified Records Destruction Service

  • Meet legal/ regulatory requirements with established retention program
  • Reduce storage cost with systematic purging
  • Proof of destruction retained for legal purposes
  • Reduced exposure to sensitive file information