Emergency 24-Hour Access



Data Storage & Vaulting

We can safely store your back up tapes in a secure, controlled environment so all data can be retrieved quickly and easily. To enhance security, we have multiple redundancies in place such as a dry fire suppression system and natural gas generator to maintain air condition and humidity levels in case of power failure.

Retrieval Options

Your company's records or data are delivered directly to you when you need them.

The Vault

Same day delivery of records — Paper or Electronic
Fax Request Anytime
24/7 365 Emergency Delivery Receive in 4-8 hours
Scheduled daily, weekly or monthly rotation services provided

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Phone Reference/ Copy/ Mail Service

  • Improved response time to request for information
  • Reduced handling/ delivery costs by eliminating need for file
  • Reduced employee cost spent waiting for information

Facsimile Transmission Service

  • Actual copy of document to work from
  • Improve response time on information requests
  • Reduce delivery cost to receive information

Retrieval/ Re-file Service

  • Reduce employee cost in locating files
  • Established standards for refilling and file maintenance
  • Improve response time to customers, clients etc. by having ready access to files

Computerized Indexing Service

  • Index files or x-rays by DOB, date of last visit, file number, name, and knowledge of x-rays taken
  • Be able to easily identify and access records
  • Reduce employee time in searching for files or records

Certified Records Destruction Service

  • Meet legal/ regulatory requirements with established retention program
  • Reduce storage cost with systematic purging
  • Proof of destruction retained for legal purposes
  • Reduced exposure to sensitive file information