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What is full service off-site records or data storage and management?

Full-service, off-site records and data management is the ability to securely manage records or data in a high security facility with the capability of providing 100% accurate inventory, immediate retrieval, delivery and destruction services as needed for clients.

What can off-site records storage and managment of data do for my company?

This unique service can accomplish the following immediately:

  • Increased security and protection to your valuable records or data
  • Eliminate company liability
  • Create organization and a 100% accurate inventory
  • Save overhead through creating space instead of taking it through in-house storage
  • Free up valuable employee time searching for records or data

Ok, I think I may need your services, but I'm not exactly sure what my needs are.

This is a common question with an easy answer. Just contact Exec·U·Store through email or by phone for a brief consultation at no obligation. Ph: 337-232-9311 or on our Contact page.

What is this going to cost me?

Records and data management is a very economical solution. Contact Exec·U·Store to discover how you can not only save money with off-site management, but reduce overhead costs immediately.

How do I storage my records?

Records are stored in 1.2 cubic foot boxes or 2.4 cubic foot boxes, both of which are available for sale from Exec·U·Store. Our boxes are designed for longer life span in storage. They are overall more solid allowing them to sustain more frequent movement when retrieved out of storage by a client. OSHA recommends the usage of 1.2 cubic foot boxes to attempt to prevent injury from the heaviness of 2.4 cubic feet boxes. Clients are welcome to submit their own boxes for storage granted they are in average condition.

How do I store my data?

Data is stored in a couple of ways within our vault. It can be slotted individually, or directly in Turtle cases designed to protect various media. When appropriate, clients may purchase Turtle cases to use on site and off. Metal cases are used for the daily, weekly, or monthly transportation of data from the vault to a client.

Will my records or data be safe?

The highest security and confidentiality is our top priority at Exec·U·Store. Our facility is equipped with a 24-hour security system in addition to internal monitoring beams. The Vault located inside the facility is also equipped with its own individual security system and a one-way entrance and exit. Access to your records or data is only available to those individuals who have been designated by the client through written notice.

How do I get my records or data when I need them?

Your records or data are available when you need them and we come to you. We offer deliveries of data and records to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I am thinking about a self storage center.

Self-storage centers are more costly than working with Exec·U·Store. They charge you for rental of space not cubic feet occupied. In addition, security and knowledge of whom or what is in the storage center next to you is not known. You could be putting your company’s security at risk without even being aware.

I am thinking about scanning all my hard copy to a digital format, can you help?

Yes, we can help. Today, because of the fast-changing technology, digital imaging is an even greater challenge for clients. Once you’ve made the investment, technology can change right under you, making it difficult to retrieve copies of your documents. Exec-U-Store can offer you digital scanning services with customized solutions that will enhance your company's ability to move into the digital age of file management and keep up with technology. Call an Exec·U·Store representative for a free consultation and pricing.

How do I get started in the process?

An Exec·U·Store representative is there to help you get started. Just contact us and we can evaluate your needs and offer the right solution. It’s very easy.

I am a current customer with questions.

Please visit our Contact page and we will respond with an answer to your question within 24 hours. If you need immediate assistance please call our Customer Service Department directly at 337-232-9311.

I would like to meet with a EXEC·U·STORE representative.

Just contact us and an Exec·U·Store representative will get in touch with you directly. Please include your name, company name, and telephone number. Thank you we look forward to speaking with you.

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